Why Advantage Hotels?

Are you tired of paying high fees and incurring unnecessary PIPs?

We focus on your hotel’s revenue performance with reasonable fees and standards.

Advantage Hotels, Inc. offers very practical initial and ongoing franchise fees. Also, very sensible brand standards based on your hotel, market and customers. In short, our mission is to deliver affordable hotel franchising and a positive return on your investment. We do that by providing industry-leading experience, resources and support for your brand affiliation.

Are you seeking affordable, yet cutting-edge technology?

We offer cost-efficient, advanced technology and global distribution through our CRS.

Our goal is to drive more direct reservations to your hotel.

Our VistaRez™ best-in-class Central Reservation System, powered by Sabre, is the most robust, flexible, easy-to-use rate, inventory and reservation management solution and offers uncompromised, national brand discount pricing.

Our VistaRez™ state-of-the-art Property Hub Management System (PMS) allows integration and connectivity to all distribution channels.

Finally, our complete hospitality technology package includes reputation and yield management programs to optimize your revenue opportunities.

Are you getting enough performance from your brand?

We are accessible, connected and practical.

Vista Inn, Vista Inn & Suites, Vista Hotel and Select Inn are all designed for the hotel owner who demands ongoing performance, communication and a high touchpoint of service from a hotel franchise.

  • Accessible

    Personal support for all booking rate management associated with running a property more efficiently

  • Connected

    Advanced, cost-effective, best-in-class technology and distribution

  • Practical

    Exceptional value for services, reservations, revenue and training programs

Do you really benefit from your brand’s advertising efforts?

We provide customized marketing support and solutions.

The marketing fees you pay are directed toward promoting your property. As a result, revenue is driven through your doors. Innovative sales and marketing package options include a landing page on our brand site, search engine optimization and comprehensive online strategies.

Powered by Advantage Hotels, Inc

Powered by Advantage Hotels, Inc