Fair Franchising Podcast

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The naked truth on franchising practices

Profound and insightful look into the secret world of hotel franchising through the rebound and recovery as the COVID pandemic continues to ravage the travel industry. Patrick Mullinix, Advantage Hotels, Inc. CEO and outspoken critic and advocate for fair-franchising, exposes the naked truth of franchising practices and lends a voice for silent majority of hoteliers. Listeners will hear from all perspectives of the industry – the good, the bad, and the ugly. How can we bring true fair-franchising to the forefront and all benefit?

Guest List

  • Vimal Patel

    President/CEO | Q Hotels

  • Rajiv Bhatia

    President at PeachState Hospitality

  • Keith Miller

    32 Year Franchisee & Franchisee Advocate

Powered by Advantage Hotels, Inc

Powered by Advantage Hotels, Inc